Speed Reading Training

Learn How To Read 300% Faster
In 60 Minutes!

What if you could TRIPLE your reading speed in under 60 minutes? That is ... if you're not really trying.

That was the question Michael Masterman asked me to consider -- when he sent me a review copy of his new speed reading audio course three months ago. And you won't be surprised to hear that I didn't believe it!

I mean, Does Speed Reading Work?

Now, even though I do a lot of reading daily (mostly financial newsletters and required reading for my business/industry), I've always avoided learning how to speed read.

Why? Because I always believed it'd take hours and hours of speed reading training to really "work properly." And I'd heard a couple of horror stories too. (One very well-known six-CD course essentially suggests listening to fast music while reading. Now that's incredibly draining - and not exactly suited to a slow-paced romance!)

Michael promised I would literally triple my reading speed in well under an hour (without fast music or other gimmicks!) -- and said that his audio course included speed reading tests to prove it. He also said I'd be able to maintain that super-fast reading speed, even weeks later.

I took the course. It worked. And I'm STILL reading at lightning speeds!

That's exactly why I wanted to write and tell you about Michael's "Speed Reading Secret" course!

But don't listen to me chat about it. If you want to blast through e-mail messages, Web pages, newsletters, books or reports (and pick up an amazing new vocabulary along the way), then check out his site:

The Speed Reading Secret course includes speed reading tests, so you can literally see just how well you've improved. And if you don't improve enough, claim your money back through his guarantee!

Michael predicts the average American could save one day a week following his advice. I think he's probably right.

I can get many more things done now that I can complete all of my required reading in 1/3 the time. And for less than 30 bucks with a iron-clad money-back guarantee, what have you got to lose?

GO AHEAD PAGEBLAZER: Invest in yourself with these speed reading skills that I consider essential in today's fast-paced world. It's a life-long skill you will not regret picking up.