4 Signs That You May Have
An Anger Problem

You have had a problem with anger at least at one point of your life although you may not want to admit it. But there are many people out there who are not quite sure if they have an issue with anger. To help you find out, below are some indicators:

1. When you do get angry, you do not get over it for a long time. It may last until you explode sometimes, or it may even stay inside of you, to fuel the fires of your rage. If you have heard of people who "hold a grudge" then those are the ones that I am referring to here.

Do you have a tendency to hold grudges? Can you think of more than one person right now, whom you have not talked to in a long time that you are still angry with?

2. You spend most of the time feeling frustrated and irritable. You get disappointed as well as unsatisfied about almost anything in life. But with all of these negative feelings you have, you do not in fact get very angry.

Anger may be an unacceptable emotion to you, whereas frustration and irritability seem more acceptable, thus keeping you in a constant state of unfulfilled in life.

3. Another sign of anger problem is if you never get angry. You just seem to be void of experiencing that emotion. There are times when you know you should be getting angry, but the feeling just doesn't seem to come. Your anger seems very mild or watered down, and you never are able to release it.

4. Last but not least, you may have an anger problem if you tend to be very sarcastic or cynical not only about yourself, but everyone and the world around you. Your time around people is spent on judging other people and making constant "jokes" that have very negative connotations around them.

Although you try to make yourself believe that these jokes are harmless, deep inside you know that constantly putting everything down and disguising it as a joke is just a way to cover up your anger issues. For some reason you are not able to express your anger and it becomes apparent when it is "leaking" from your conversations.

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