Finding Happiness Is Really Easy

Do you want to find happiness, instant peace and joy in your life today? Here is what you do: Watch a child play...

What is so exciting about watching children play? Well if you look very closely you will see the magic that they possess. You can marvel in just how powerful their ability to "believe" is. If you ask a child what their dreams are they will pour out such wonderful fantasies of desires with 100% faith that their little world of belief is real and that nothing can touch it.

This might sound silly but in order to take control of your life, accomplish your goals, and truly go for your heart's desire then you are going to have to become a kid again. You are going to have to re-learn how to dream big dreams, how to create images of your desires in your head at all times, and your mind will have to be willing to accept that anything is possible - just like you used to when you were a little boy or little girl.

You see, in order to set and reach big goals you are first going to have to pretend that you have already reached the goal. You are going to have to act as if you already have in your possession that which you desire. And this my friend, takes mental effort, especially as an adult whose mind has been so conditioned over the years to forget about that magic, that energy, that ability to reach far beyond the stars for what you deserve to have in life.

Are you ready for a really fun question? Are you ready to bring back that childhood imagination and power of creation? Here it goes: What 'one thing' would you set out to accomplish if you had all of the money in the world, all of the time in the world, and with nothing to stop you?

Think about that question really hard, get a pen and paper, and just pour out your soul. Write every answer that you can imagine. Remember, there are no limits here. This goal setting exercise requires your complete willingness to think without boundaries, without limitations.

What would be the first thing you would do? Where would you go? Who would you see? What would you do with your money? What would you buy? How would you dress? What kind of activities would you get involved in?

Don't let go! Do not let go of this list that you have created. Each morning and each night you are to pull out this list, read each desire and goal that you wrote down, and then 'pretend' that you have already reached your goals. See yourself as if you are living with all of your hopes and dreams in the present time. Do this everyday. It's time to become a kid again and take back the happiness and joy from life that you have been missing all of these years.

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