5 Steps To Setting Goals

Would you like to know a simple 'step-by-step' system of setting goals that can enhance every area of your life, and for as long as you live? Do you have the courage to set goals that will change your life beyond your wild dreams? Of course you do, but nothing will happen if you do not back your plan with action!

There is an old quote by Walace D. Wattles that goes "An ounce of action is worth more than a pound in theorizing". In other words, you may be an expert in writing goals and making plans but unless you actually follow through with those plans you will never reach the levels of peak performance that you desire.

1. Make a choice: First look at each section of your life and really choose what you want to have in those areas. Let your mind go and write down your desires no matter how far out of reach they may seem at the moment.

2. Be specific: Leave no detail left behind. Don't just write "I wish to make more money from my job next year". Rather, write "By December of next year I will have increased my income by $20,000" These are real, tangible goals, that are clear enough to materialize.

3. Set deadlines: If you notice the above example, I specifically set a time-table for my goal. Setting deadlines cannot be stressed enough. Your subconscious mind is like a calculator. You cannot just push in half of the equation and expect to get the answer; you must give a clear concise instruction to get your answers.

4. Form your plan: If you have followed steps 1 - 3 then you will have a list of everything you wish to change in your life and exactly what you want out of those changes with clear concise instructions along with solid deadlines. It is now time to form your plan by writing everything you will have to do to achieve your goals. Be bold, yet realistic.

5. Take action: Do you know what the number one cause of failure is in most people's lives? The answer is never taking action. We develop these comfort zones and become afraid to step out of those boundaries and really go after our goals. We know that we must change; we know that we have to follow our plan to be happy, but seldom do. Do not let your written plan of action go to waste. Start immediately on working towards your goals!

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