Self Confidence

3 Ways To Instantly Build
Self Confidence

Would you like to have more self confidence and feel better about yourself? Do you need to find simple ways of building your self esteem so that you can make more money, look and feel better physically, and have better communication with other people?

Below we have three simple techniques that have been proven to help build self confidence.

1. Talk to yourself. All of us have a running monologue constantly running in our heads, whether we realize it or not. Everything we see, hear, or touch sparks off immediate dialog in our thoughts. And if we are not careful, this monologue can be filled with many negative messages that are received from television, radio, advertisements, newspapers, and overhearing other people talk to each other.

Negative thoughts literally deplete our mind and body of energy and block the flow of attracting self confidence and self esteem into our lives. Take control of this by using your thoughts to talk to yourself in a positive manner, as often as you can.

For example, one my favorite things to say to myself is "I like myself, I like myself, I like myself". Now before you think it is cheesy, just try it. I bet that if you go to the mirror right now and repeat out loud "I like myself!" 50 times, it will be impossible to keep from smiling.

2. Be at your best. You will be shocked at just how much more confidence you will have just be looking your best. It just plain feels good when you are wearing your best clothes, are well groomed, and are surrounded by a clean environment. So what if it Saturday? Put on your nice clothes, get the car washed, style that hair! A hairdresser once told me "Everyday is show time!"

Increase your self esteem even more by giving thanks to what you are, how you look, and what you are doing. Say "thank you" to yourself to everything you see, all whom you meet, and each smile that you receive.

3. Fix your posture: How you stand definitely sends out a message to the world, and in turn, you will feel what message internally. There is even scientific evidence that shows how posture affects our mood. Slouching produces a down-low mood. Standing tall and upright will actually life your mood. Help build up your self confidence by pulling back those shoulders, stop that slouch, and walk proud. Oh, and a smile won't hurt!

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