Positive Thinking

Ridding Life Of Problems

Ask yourself this question and be honest with yourself: "Am I someone who is a positive thinking type of person? Do I think more about the problems in my life or do I fix my mind on solutions instead?" The answer to this question can explain great amounts of information as to whether you are getting what you want out of life or not.

An important element for attaining high performance and peak optimism is to be "solution oriented". This means that you are thinking about the solutions to life's obstacles most of the time instead of seeing only problems. In other words, you think about what can be done about a situation to make it better by solving it, instead of what has happened, and who is to blame.

Did you know that everyone who is unsuccessful in their life is constantly talking about their problems? They are constantly blaming other people for their shortcomings. Think about it, the more you talk about and think about your problems, the more angry and negative you get. It happens all the time and most people are clueless as to the self infliction they are causing themselves.

On the other hand, when you spend your time thinking and talking about the solutions, i.e. be positive thinking and forward looking, you tend to become more optimistic and positive about yourself and everyone around you. Life will always be flowing with a continuous succession of "problems" and unfortunately it never ends. But for those of you who develop the master mind to see these not as problems, but as tools given to you as gifts for a better life, you will be rewarded immensely.

This holds true especially if we are seeking more success at work and higher income levels. In fact, your ability to solve problems will greatly determine how much money you will make. Regardless of your job title or your business niche, your self-label should be called "problem solver".

All day long, during both work and your personal life, you should always be viewing yourself as a problem solver, eagerly awaiting the next challenge in life to come your way so that you can make things better. Everything you see or experience is no longer a burden, but rather a challenge that you have been given to help better yourself or another person's life. And if you continue to master this art of being a problem solver, ironically you will find that as time goes on, you will experience less and less problems in your life.

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